Sunday, March 21, 2010


Another trip to the waterfall.. this time with a friend , Nani, who wanted to follow us to the waterfall since last month, but later regretted the decision to follow as we all had to climb lots of stairs, well at least stairs about 10 storeys tall.. and things didn't go easy as she almost vomitted the halfway through... hahahahah!Nevertheless, all salutes to her to make it to the top and hope she enjoyed the experience there... heheh! Anyway, check out the nice ambience and marvelous shoots that Nani took during this trip.. Nice eh!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Have you ever seen the flowers of durians before it turns into the delicious fruit? I'm sure lots of us have no idea how. So let me share with the rest how it looks like..This is my first time too seeing the flowers, and boy.. it smells so good! nice eh?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh boy.. it's been a long long time since I last updated my blog.. and gosh! look at all those spider web here and there.. left unattended for months and months, I definitely feel guilty about it.. one event after another, I was just so occupied with work and personal stuff I didn't manage and allocate my time well for blog updates.. So here's the so called summary of what happened in my 2 months absence from the blogging arena..
Practically fully occupied in Jan with so many work related activities, one confusion after another, and overwhelming activities that leads to the abandonement of the updates, and Jan too is the time where I was offered a new job in the land far far away.. Cyberjaya.. which I accepted and tendered my resignation.. Almost 5 years of memories, and it's sad to leave, but I have to move on and find new opportunities..
Feb is a haywired month, where I hafta settle my oustanding leftovers before I leave, and that means more headache.. I finally touched my last day of work with the client by 28th Feb where they organized a farewell lunch, and a small token of appreciation to me. Gosh I'm so touched with their thoughts thought my presence there was only for 8 months.. even the company didn't appreciate me that much..
March is the start of my new era, fresh new job, new environment, new set of team and new workplace politics.. Well, It's just a matter of survival.. and I shall live to survive as long as I could.. more crappy updates of what's happening in the entries to come..

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Look at this group of chickens, small yet slick, the whole bunch gathers in front of the mini market next to maktok's house one fine evening.. Those actually belongs to the neighbour of maktok, but sometimes the whole group always lepak2 in group at the house... Fun to look at, short feet, long feather and walk along terkedek2 like ducks, I started to laugh looking at those sassy behaviours of this bunch.. eh.. what is the one at the back doing? cencoredddd! Funny at how the chickens can cooperate and have a so called spirit of perpaduan, whilst the human complete with brain can't have that spirit, and always back stabbing on one another.. Why laaa... Busuk hati, hasad dengki.. it's sad, isn't it?