Monday, December 31, 2007

TOW Welcoming 2008.. GoodBye 2007

In less than 24 hours, we will be welcoming our new year 2008. So many things that happened to me in 2007 and I can regard 2007 as not a good year for me. This year is a tough year for me to go thru as I'm often sick this year. Well, let's see:
1. May - Hospitalized due to a very bad tonsillitis till I can't eat and drink, and only depending on the drips. Hospitalized for a week.
2. October - Broke my arm. Hospitalized and undergone a surgery for besi implant in the bone. This is bad enough that I was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks.
3. December - Recently, I was hospitalized again due to High Fever and Brain Infection. This was bad enough that I have had hysteria and brought to the hospital by ambulance. I had a slightly memory loss for a few days and couldn't even recognize my brothers and friends. It was really a bad experience and I was hospitalized for a week. Thank god I'm reacting well to the medication and recovering very fast.
4. I now have diabetes. So this is high time for me really2 take care of my food.
Looking back at those experiences, it makes me realized that I'm not young anymore to enjoy life the way I did before. I really hafta take care of my well-being and my health, and try to act a guy my age. Hahaha! On the other end, good thing that happened to me were:
1. I quit smoking. So far it's been almost a year since I quit smoking and I do hope that this will last forever.
2. I got myself my own apartment. It may not be a penthouse or anything, but still my own house that I can live in securely.
3. Career wise, I managed to get involved in functional team doing a project. So this will be a strong based for me to start getting a good experience in SAP field for my future career.
4. My family tie is getting stronger. All we brothers are getting more and more united thru thick or thin. Nothing that I can imagine will happen before as we brothers are not in good relations before. Alhamdulillah for the god's gift this year. Though I was sick a few times this year, I still have good gifts for me to move on with life. I may have to rationalize that being sick is part of the process to know myself more and my limitation. This is also god's signal for me to always remind him no matter what.
Come 2008, these are what I want to achieve, and I will get it no matter what:
1. Health - Take care of my health to the max. Join the gym again and get the necessary vitamins for health.
2. Education- Register myself for Master's programme. I may join UITM for master's program and right now still thinking of what course to take.
3. Career - Pushing myself into better position in the organization. Also getting a new side income job to fulfill my free time.
4. Planning of getting myself a second house - at least a nice single storey terrace house with ample land for gardening would be fine.
5. Redecorate my own apartment - getting kitchen cabinet and some more furniture.
6. Planning of getting myself a new car - not sure of what car yet. Still window shopping and hoping to get a good car soon.
7. Travel - would love to spend time traveling to places at least twice a year starting 2008. I've been working for quite a while with no real break traveling to places of interests in the world.
8. Others - to get closer to god mentally and physically, get in touch more with my heart and soul, and some others which is too personal to be included here.

Seems like a lot of wishes for 2008 huhhh? Well, I do hope to achieve my targets for 2008 and do hope that God will always reward me with the rezeki for me to go on with my life. If things don’t happen in 2008, I can still proceed with 2009. Hehehe!
Nonetheless, hoping that everybody will get all their wishes for 2008 too. Welcoming 2008 with warm heart! Happy New Yearrrrrr!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

TOW Makan2 @ Restoran Ayam Kampung

As I'm feeling ok today, I decided to go for a nice rice with Ayam Kampung. The stall is situated near hospital KL and there are so many people around. This is quite a famous stall and has a few more branches in Velodrom Bandar Tun Razak, Bandar Bukit Puchong and Subang Taipan USJ. I guess people simply like it because of the very nice crispy fried chicken combined with the simple lauk2 and complete with Sambal Belacan to be paired with rice.. fuhhhh!! Yummy yummy!! As there are so many people having lunch here, everyone seems to understand and being considerate as all are eating and then giving the seats to the next batch. One must try if they haven't yet!!

TOW Fire Fire Fire!

As I was enjoying the Sunday morning today, all of the sudden I heard the screams downstairs from the constructions in front of my apartment. The lower ground of the apartment construction is on fire!! Everybody was in havoc downstairs. The firemen were running all over trying to control the situation. I can see the apartment next to the construction site was covered by smoke. Lots of people taking photos too from near.. with no intention to help at all. I won't want to interrupt the firemens' work as they won't let other people came near to the site.
In about 10 minutes, the situation was controlled completely. Good job to the firemen.. What a fine job they are doing!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

TOW The Journey Back to KL

I took a bus back to KL at 11.30am yesterday. Surprisingly, all the tickets are fully booked to KL except these few seats still left available. So I just grabbed it and head back home. Why did I choose the day journey? Because of no tickets left and also it gives me chances to take photos along my journey back to KL.
The scenery is rather amazing. The bus was quite slow, and it is perfect for me to take photos of the sceneries along the way.
Along Marang Lagoon. The stretch of beaches along the way. The swamp next to the beach. Another amazing scenery of the beach. Reaching Dungun, a small town along the journey. Reached Kertih, the petroleum town, full of tanks and oil pipes along the road. The bus stopped at a small wooden restaurant near Paka for lunch. Nothing much available, so I just took Mineral Water and buns for lunch. Right after Kemaman, there's not much interesting scenery anymore, so I decided not to take photos and just took a nap. We reached KL rather late at almost 8pm. Somehow the bus was very2 slow especially when the 2nd driver took over, but what the hack, as long as we are save and reached KL still in one piece, that's more than enough. Home sweet home!

TOW Keropok Lekor & Big Mug Fruit Juice

We stopped by to buy the ever famous Keropok Lekor of Terengganu at a place called Kampung Losong. Whoever goes to Terengganu must buy Keropok Lekor as part of their shopping plan in Ganu. To those who doesn't know what Keropok Lekor is, it is made from fish mixed with flour made into dough, and cooked either boiled or fried. The keropok is eaten with a special home made chilly sauce, makes it even more yummy!! The worker busy making the keropok into dough. This time I'm buying lots of boiled keropok for us to bring home to KL. Look at the makcik packaging the keropok for us. The keropok here is very nice and we've been a client since I was small. Look at the boiled keropok awaiting to be cooked. For those who wants to go to Ganu and wants to buy keropok, this place is perfect for boiled keropok to bring back to your home destination.. Why boiled? Because you can keep it longer before you fry it again at home. And this is good for the fried keropok to be eaten immediately.
Anyway, right after buying Keropok Lekor, I went to Big Mug Fruit Juice at Seberang Takir. It is quite famous in Terengganu and a must to visit as it offers varieties of fruit juices in a big mug. Just name it, you'll get it. Anyway, as it's quite early, nobody's here except us. All the seats are empty and it felt weird having drinks with no one around. I ordered Pineapple and grapes without sugar while my friend ordered Watermelon and Lychee Float (with Ice cream). Somehow about the size of A&W mug I had earlier in the evening at Pantai Batu Buruk.
A must visit to ease your thirst.

TOW Jalan2 Terengganu and the beach

While I was in Terengganu last 2 days, I decided to take a ride touring Ganu town. Kuala Ganu will be annouced as the city status (Bandaraya) come January 2008, so they are putting a finishing touch before the grand ceremony. I just put all the photos snapped of K.Ganu.. Also went to Pantai Chendering, a beautiful beach but kinda neglected. I don't know why, may be because of the location is quite far from Kuala Ganu. The sea is quite rough, considering it's monsoon season now, and managed to snap a few potos of the rough sea. Nonetheless, I'm more interested to see many people with different activities.. Check it out. A bunch of guys in a van picking up on the ladies on a bike. Cheeky!!