Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TOW Fever! Demam! Fever!

I just don't understand.. My antibodies are just so weak that right after the wedding events ended, i went home finding myself having a heavy headache. Then came the running nose, boneache throughout the whole body, temperature slowly rising, and by 2am.. i officially got a fever.. a bad one. It may be because I walked in the rain while helping them setting up the event.
I went to the doctor yesterdy and got myself an MC for Monday. Had myself a bunch of medication.. and apparently the flu and cough medicine is so strong that I was totally blacked-out shortly after i took it. It's crazy.. Somehow it was the longest record of napping in my whole life yesterday, from 2pm until 8am this morning, 18 hours straight up. Thank god today is the holiday for Selangor, so I can still have enough rest. Still had a boneaches all over, and hoping it will be gone by tomorrow..

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