Saturday, December 15, 2007

TOW Latest Addition of My New Plants

This is the 100th enrty in my blog. For a blog this new (almost 3 months), I can't beleive that I'm interested enough to write entry by entry, day by day, and hopefully I will not loose interest and keep blogging while I can. Meanwhile, I've added my plants at my balcony. i don't even know what's the specific name of the plants but what really interests me is how the flowers are similar compared to the tail of Guppy Fish, and I simply bought the plant because of that.. Now, am I not crazy enough about the fish?? Anyway.. Take a look.. check it out..And this is the tail of a guppy fish. Quite similar eh??Now, if anyone knows the name of the plant, please do tell me.. I think it's either petunia or begonia.. but I'm never too sure..
I also spot another plant that really looks like corals, but in green.. and I'm planning to get it soon. Hehehe!This one looks good too... Don't you think?

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