Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TOW Resting At Home

I'm now at Terengganu, my hometown, at my parents house. The doctor asked me to take a rest, thus I just followed my parents home after being discharged that day. Things are pretty slow and steady, people here just enjoy life and take it easy here. Unlike KL where everything is quick and rushy.. it's so peaceful here for those who wanna rest. I still can feel that I'm not in good condition fully, so I limit myself from going out that much, except for going for breakfast in the morning and settling the necessary matters, and be back home in the afternoon. Just got myself a bus ticket to be back to KL this Friday, suprisingly all the bus tickets are sold out and the one I got is just the few ones left.
Nonethe less, I just wish to be fully recovered by the weekend, meanwhile I just enjoy my peace here in Terengganu quietly.

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