Saturday, December 15, 2007

TOW Funny Toilet Signboards

I received an email from a friend forwarding me these funny2 signboards at the toilets. This is from all around the world with all sorts of creative thinking… and I guess it’s kinda cool and hillarious too.. I don’t know from which country are these from.. So for those who thinks it is from their country.. step up and claim its from your country with pride.. Hehehe! Anyway, Check it out…
This one is from China I beleive..Must be from Japan.. Pretty straight forward!!Very bold!!Straight forward! This one is the funniest.. I'm sure one must be thinking which door to go.. Hahah!!Assumption, Assumption!! Straight Forward!And this is cynical.. but true I guess! Hahah! How's Malaysia doing in creating this kind of creative signs? Very typical.. Nothing interesting i guess..

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