Saturday, December 15, 2007

TOW Meeting Long Time Friend

I got to know that Susan, my long time friend and my front door neighbour during the study time, is in town only yesterday. Susan is here with his hubby, Mike, for work related matters, cum holiday too. It was so good to see them again after some time, and it's good that I can spend some short time with them chit chatting over lunch.
They are still the same exact cute and loving couple, and we broke in laugh most of the time talking about the past memories and stuff. Lunch was at this nice stall next to KL Hospital, and we went on chatting until I totally forgotten to take the photos of what we ate. I'm gonna put in the next entry!!
They still need to do lots and lots of shopping, so I won't wanna disturb them with their activities. It was only a short gathering but it really made my day. So, to Susan and Mike.. It was good meeting you again!! Happy shopping and have a nice Cuti-Cuti Malaysia journey tomorrow.

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