Saturday, December 29, 2007

TOW The Journey Back to KL

I took a bus back to KL at 11.30am yesterday. Surprisingly, all the tickets are fully booked to KL except these few seats still left available. So I just grabbed it and head back home. Why did I choose the day journey? Because of no tickets left and also it gives me chances to take photos along my journey back to KL.
The scenery is rather amazing. The bus was quite slow, and it is perfect for me to take photos of the sceneries along the way.
Along Marang Lagoon. The stretch of beaches along the way. The swamp next to the beach. Another amazing scenery of the beach. Reaching Dungun, a small town along the journey. Reached Kertih, the petroleum town, full of tanks and oil pipes along the road. The bus stopped at a small wooden restaurant near Paka for lunch. Nothing much available, so I just took Mineral Water and buns for lunch. Right after Kemaman, there's not much interesting scenery anymore, so I decided not to take photos and just took a nap. We reached KL rather late at almost 8pm. Somehow the bus was very2 slow especially when the 2nd driver took over, but what the hack, as long as we are save and reached KL still in one piece, that's more than enough. Home sweet home!

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