Monday, December 3, 2007

TOW Terengganu and Monsoon Cup Fiesta

I got back for a short trip to Terengganu again for personal matters. This time I took a bus instead as te tickets are still available. It's been a while since I last ride a bus so i kinda blur when it comes to finding the right bus.. darn the lady at the counter.. never gave the right direction. Took Sani bus, owned by one of the 90's artist turned businessman.. It caught me by surprise that the moment I was in the bus, I totally black-out, sleeping like a baby.. and reached Kuala Terengganu at 4am.. So early!!
Dropped by the hospital to accompany my mom to her office.. To my surpise, check out the line! people waiting with a long queue just to get a number for registration. The counter lady handling the ticket number was so darn slow.. acting like nothing happened, like her grandma's place.. I wish her grandma's turning sick and she has to wait in this long line so she knows how those people lining up felt.. The Hospital must find a way to be more productive.. and these kind of old lazy people like her and the rest of the counter should be sacked and replaced by someone else who's still not having any work outside. Thank god I'm not in the line. But I ended up making such a big fuss about it to my mom as she works with the hospital..
After sending my mom to work in the afternoon, went to check out what's up with Monsoon Cup as it was the closing ceremony yesterday.. and again I was surpised.. Not much thing is happening.. and the town is like the normal days. There's a so called fiesta in a place called Taman Syahbandar.. and again.. it's quite empty.. ony few people are around.. and the stalls are just like an ad-hoc stalls.. which end up selling tudung and scarfs for the aunties.. so sad.. The lagoon where the Monsoon Cup is supposed to be held was empty, except for a not so big so called cruise ship landed ther.. it's all very pathetic.. and i just can't feel the heat.. gosh!! Is this waht we called international event? It's sad... really!!! I ended up loitering at Batu Burok beach again, reading newspaper and enjoying the breezy wind of the sea washing my face utterly and continously..It's so refreshing.. wish KL has the beach for the KL people to feel the freashness of the sea and the cold of the wind. I'm hungry.. gotta find myself a plate of Nasi Dagang.. Yummy2!!!!!

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