Wednesday, July 30, 2008

California Fitness Sunway

Lately,I'm becoming a frequentat the gym and I'm gonna spend most of my time in the gym starting from now on.. my nights will be b busier and the time spent in the gym will be more beneficial to me as I can work-out after work and during weekends..
I think I chose the right club to join as amongst all the fitness clubs that I joined before, this is the one that I enjoyed most.. and feel comfortable with easily.. Cool place, cool people, nice new equipment..It's a 2 storey gym with many stairs up and down, here and there.. The upper level is where the ladies changing room is parked.. lines and loads of treadmills occupying this level and there's even a private room for ladies who wants privacy.. The lower level is where the free weight area is located.. there are also the cardio and treadmills area and the weight machines are parked.. with big studio room for classes and another small room for cycling.. simply nice ambiance with good arrangement of everything.. which makes the gym so nice..The gent's changing room is located at the ground floor, with lots of lockers and ample space for people to change clothes and stuff.. Good thing is they even provide the members with the lotions, gel and cotton buds..and the towels are provided as well.. life is just good eh? what you hafta do is to come here and concentrate on your exercise routine only.. nice eh?
Being the latest gym and growing, I believe that California Fitness will grow up more in the future and will surely become one of the most reputable gym in Malaysia.. simply keep up the good equipment, good ambiance and good service.. things will be easy on the go for them!
Those who're still thinking of joining the gym but have difficulties choosing the right one, Calif Fitness is simply the right one for you.. Come and gym with me!

Movies => The Mummy - Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

Today is the grand opening of The Mummy 3.. and since I started gymming at Calif Fitness in Sunway, I may as well watch the movie at TGV here.. so many people queueing for the movie.. but what I found out and kind of dissatisfied is the fact that TGV seats, which is so small and so uncomfortable.. and with no head rest too.. GSC and Cathay are far leaving them behind in terms of comfort and space.. so except for KLCC, the seats in TGV isn't that good.. may be it's time for TGV to upgrade.. Anyway.. let's check out what the movie is all about.. Synopsis:
Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) is joined in this all-new adventure by son Alex (newcomer Luke Ford), wife Evelyn (Maria Bello) and her brother, Jonathan (John Hannah) to combat the resurrected Qin Emperor (Jet Li) in an epic that races from the catacombs of ancient China high into the frigid Himalayas. This time, the O'Connells must stop a mummy awoken from a 2,000-year-old curse that threatens to plunge the world into his merciless, unending service.
( *** Another series of Mummy after the previous 2.. Lots of CGI effects.. cool one! but I think the movie is just so-so.. which lacks of the WOW factor this time.. Personally, I do think that Brendan Fraser is too young to play a father character of the adult Alex.. in fact they look about the same age.. don't you agree with me? and another factor that I found distracting about the movie is that somehow it's turning into another Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh's Chinese epic movie rather than The Mummy. At some point, Brendan as the main character has been overshadowed by those 2.. doesn't seem like the main character anymore.. but overall, I still enjoyed the movie.. but really prefer the previous two Mummy movies, which I enjoyed better. Go watch the movie!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Makan2 @ O-Shima Japanese Restaurant

It was lunch time today when Puan Sri asked me to go out for Japanese cuisine nearby the office.. The place is called O-Shima Japanese Restaurant.. recommended by a fellow colleague who visited the place quite frequently before.. Lots of Japanese food varieties here.. and I ordered Salmon Teppanyaki set.. which is not that good.. the vege is too raw and the salmon portion is too small..Puan Sri got herself Chicken and vege which she complained too salty..while the other 2 friends ordered Udon and sushi set..which they had no complaints over their food.. Quite a few people occupying the place for lunch.. Well, personally I think the food is just so-so.. but it's all according to one's personal preference.. and I think I won't be coming back here again.. hehe!

New Gym Registration

I'm looking for another place to gym again.. after a few months break.. and now I'm ready to get on my feet again and start gymming again.. Right now I'm looking around for a new gym close to work and home.. and the answer to this is California Fitness in Sunway.. It was last week when me and a cousin visited California Fitness in Sunway Pyramid that we were treated badly by one of the sales consultant there.. and we made a complaint on that person.. Lucky that my cousin used to work in the gym before and knew a few managers here.. and we compared about the customer service here and other clubs in Midvalley and KL.. and surprisingly when we visited the place again last night, all the people there turned to be super duper nice and so attentive to us.. hahahah! Padan muka depa..
Anyway.. back to the gym.. this is one of the latest gym in town with new equipments and stuff.. and i'm quite satisfied with the price negotiated.. only RM122 per month.. quite OK huh?
I'm looking forward to start gymming here.. and pretty much I'm gonna be a regular in Sunway from now on..

Makan2 @ Mom's Chicken Rice Ampang

I've been meaning to try the ever famous Mom's Chicken Rice owned by the famous personality, Linda Onn.. but never get the chance to do it until today.. Situated behind Ampang Point, the place can be easily recognized by the striking orange color.. Easily, I ordered the Chicken Rice and another friend tried Mee Rebus.. both were marvelous.. and I especially like the Chicken Rice served here..The chicken is tender.. and the rice especially is really soft with a combination of the soy sauce and blended chillies.. Nice one!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Durian Trip @ Ulu Langat

It's Durian season now and everywhere you can see durians and many other local fruits were sold everywhere in KL. I was supposed to go to my uncle's orchard in Tanjung Malim today but hafta cancel it due to some personal matters.
Anyway.. after I'm done with my personal matters, couple of friends asked me to join them for a durian trip in Ulu Langat.. a very nice kampung place surrounded by a greenery with marvelous scenery.. and I agreed.. We made our way to Ulu Langat first to get the ever marvelous Prawn Mee by the waterfall (see here)and later check out the durian place to eat.. Stopped by a biker who sold fresh rambutan by the street..which is quite expensive at RM3/kg. Nice thing that the rambutan is really good..and later we stopped by the Hot Spring where there's a Durian stall by the street.. Got ourselves a few durians.. which is so tasty.. and eat till we drop.. yummy!There's a whole lot of other fruits that they sell here.. including the mangosteen.. but I was so overwhelmed by the durians, I forgot to buy some.. heheheh!On the way back, saw a few people took the rmabutans from the tree.. and that made me think how life in kampung is such an easy and peaceful life.. It's such a good durian trip this time.. and I look forward to come back for more soon..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Birthday Gift

It was a friend's birthday.. and I hafta return a favor of my friend who gave me the perfume for my last birthday.. So in return I gave this friend a purse.. and got it wrapped nicely in a box.. To a friend (you know who you are).. Happy Belated Birthday To You..

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Bowling Practice

The company will be having the first ever Bowling competition for its staff next week.. and that means we all hafta go and practise first before the big day..It's quite hard to get the bowling lanes nearby and we only managed to get the lanes in IOI Mall.. which offers a good package, 3 games for RM10..I didn't play tonite.. just came to give full moral support.. but the gang was bowling with full heart.. and they managed to get good scores too.. There will be another session again next week.. and I'm gonna bowl with my left hand this time.. as my right hand is not fully healed yet.. Can't wait for next week.. heheh!

The Cracked Windshield

I was driving in rush yesterday when out of nowhere, a rock hit my windshield.. At first I thought nothing happened, but later found out that there is a small crack at the middle of the windshield.. Shit happened, and I was quite frustrated with that.. considering that I only have my blackie for only about 2 months.. but quite relieved to know that they can fix the crack and make it almost invisible..
I immediately drive around Puchong area to find the windshield shop on my way back home.. and find a shop that can fix it behind Tesco Puchong..a place called Pakar Cermin Kereta..They immediately start the work as soon as I agreed to the price.. and hafta wait for only about 45 minutes for the thing to finish..What they did was to inject some kind of chemical to the cracked place to decrease the possibilities of more cracks to occur later.. and it comes with a year warranty as well.. It only costs me RM70 for fixing that.. and great thing is.. the crack is gone.. almost invisible to the eyes of mine.. and happy that blackie is healed again.. heheh!

More Plants For The Garden Balcony!

It's just on the last week that I made a stop in Sg Buloh just to get more plants.. Clearly my balcony is kinda full already.. but the loves towards plants still brings me there.. heheh!I got myself a freaky nice plant with very awesome smell of the flower.. check out the flowers.. looks like those porceline thingy that my mom used to have back then.. and the smell.. eery goosebump kinda thing smell.. but really nice!And then there's a torn kinda plant with nice small pinky and red flowers.. which is kinda nice to look at..and I put that near my waterfall.. and for all I know now.. I spend more time resting at my balcony now than ever.. hehehe!

Another Trip to Ipoh

It's another trip I hafta make to Ipoh.. simply to visit my granny who is getting better since the hospital days weeks ago... Alhamdulillah she can wake up from bed already.. but not feeling so good to see her on a wheelchair.. which makes me pretty sad to see her not in her good condition yet..
A few exciting activities I did here in my aunt's house near the small town of Tanjung Rambutan.. unfortunately all the photos are swept away by the stupid virus that affected my phone.. which resulted in the loss of all my photos taken..
Somehow, I managed to give myself a visit to the pottery farm in Tambun, and I ended up getting lots of the cheap pots made in clay for exported version.. It's so damn cheap at RM2.50 a piece.. and I bought 8 of them.. and these pots will be replacing all my ugly pots in my balcony soon.. I'll share the pot photos soon!
Anyway.. got myself a new Canon printer too.. which is ridiculously cheap.. sold at RM70 per piece.. cool stuff!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Musical Theatre Online Booking

The interest towards theatre suddenly grows in me lately.. can't wait to watch another series of theatre this coming month.. and when I browsed Istana Budaya's website, luckily they have another interesting performance, it seems, there..There's gonna be another theatre musical show whic I've alreday made a reservation.. with the tickets ranging from RM30 and above.. and good enough, they offer 20% off to the early birds.. so, minus the discount plus the service charge, each ticket cost only RM27.. good one eh?
Can't wait to watch the upcoming show soon..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another trip to Euro Fun Park, Bukit Jalil

Just another trip to the Euro Fun Park.. Won't say much about it.. just wanna share photos with all..