Sunday, July 13, 2008

Theatre => Bukan Dejavu

It's been a long2 time since I last watch theatre.. and the chance to watch the Malay theatre yesterday was something that wont wanna miss..The theatre is called Bukan Dejavu.. starred by some of the famous names in theatre world.. big names like Juhara Ayub, Safura and Jalaludin Hassan acted in the play..It was held in Auditorium DBP.. the new auditorium which is quite famous lately for theatre presentation..The play is about the normal social crisis that happens a lot in Malay community.. the good and the bad.. the evil versus the saint.. how how to deal with it! The play was quite entertaining.. with Juhara Ayub and Sapura being a wonderful actress presenting her role successfully..
Somehow it reminds me of Pi Mai Tang Tu..
Good job to them all!

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