Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Trip to Ipoh

It's another trip I hafta make to Ipoh.. simply to visit my granny who is getting better since the hospital days weeks ago... Alhamdulillah she can wake up from bed already.. but not feeling so good to see her on a wheelchair.. which makes me pretty sad to see her not in her good condition yet..
A few exciting activities I did here in my aunt's house near the small town of Tanjung Rambutan.. unfortunately all the photos are swept away by the stupid virus that affected my phone.. which resulted in the loss of all my photos taken..
Somehow, I managed to give myself a visit to the pottery farm in Tambun, and I ended up getting lots of the cheap pots made in clay for exported version.. It's so damn cheap at RM2.50 a piece.. and I bought 8 of them.. and these pots will be replacing all my ugly pots in my balcony soon.. I'll share the pot photos soon!
Anyway.. got myself a new Canon printer too.. which is ridiculously cheap.. sold at RM70 per piece.. cool stuff!

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