Monday, July 7, 2008

Cameron Highlands Stop-Over

Maktok (granny) is on high fever when I was about to leave the hospital. Mom was by her side at all time to ensure that she is ok.. and I need to go back to KL as I'm working tomorrow.. no choice! taken lots of leaves, annual and emergency leaves before.. so me and another friend headed back to KL slowly in the evening..
It was about 4.30pm.. and as we passed by Simpang Pulai, there are lots of signboards pointing to Cameron Highlands along the way.. out of stressed and unwishful thinking (plus the strong thoughts about strawberries.. hehe!) We diverted the route to Camerons, then go back to KL.
I've never been to Cameron Highlands before.. and being the first time making a way there.. i need to check out the places and ways to go there.. The road is quite narrow.. and one really needs to drive extra carefully when passing by the route..
It's very cooling and peaceful scenery here.. and we manage to stop at several places before heading to Tanah Rata. And the most important thing is.. the strawberries! Get ourselves packets and packets of strawberries to eat along the way down.. and packs of the cheap vegetables sold there.. and plants too.. which I will share further in the next entry..
The saddest thing is that all the photos taken were gone.. the stupid phone deleted all the photos out of no reason.. and all the striking poses around Camerons were all gone!!
The drive down from Tanah Rata to Tapah was the most hassle one.. crazy narrow road with some stupid locals that drove as if it's F1 track.. and to make it worst, the road is so dark that only the car spotlight is your sight's limit, adding to the crazy snake type curvy road along the way I bet even Michael Schumacker won't be able to make it pass this road.. hahahah! Reached KL around 1am.. and one thing for sure, I will be going back to Camerons for more!

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