Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Makan2 @ O-Shima Japanese Restaurant

It was lunch time today when Puan Sri asked me to go out for Japanese cuisine nearby the office.. The place is called O-Shima Japanese Restaurant.. recommended by a fellow colleague who visited the place quite frequently before.. Lots of Japanese food varieties here.. and I ordered Salmon Teppanyaki set.. which is not that good.. the vege is too raw and the salmon portion is too small..Puan Sri got herself Chicken and vege which she complained too salty..while the other 2 friends ordered Udon and sushi set..which they had no complaints over their food.. Quite a few people occupying the place for lunch.. Well, personally I think the food is just so-so.. but it's all according to one's personal preference.. and I think I won't be coming back here again.. hehe!

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