Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Gym Registration

I'm looking for another place to gym again.. after a few months break.. and now I'm ready to get on my feet again and start gymming again.. Right now I'm looking around for a new gym close to work and home.. and the answer to this is California Fitness in Sunway.. It was last week when me and a cousin visited California Fitness in Sunway Pyramid that we were treated badly by one of the sales consultant there.. and we made a complaint on that person.. Lucky that my cousin used to work in the gym before and knew a few managers here.. and we compared about the customer service here and other clubs in Midvalley and KL.. and surprisingly when we visited the place again last night, all the people there turned to be super duper nice and so attentive to us.. hahahah! Padan muka depa..
Anyway.. back to the gym.. this is one of the latest gym in town with new equipments and stuff.. and i'm quite satisfied with the price negotiated.. only RM122 per month.. quite OK huh?
I'm looking forward to start gymming here.. and pretty much I'm gonna be a regular in Sunway from now on..

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