Monday, July 28, 2008

The Durian Trip @ Ulu Langat

It's Durian season now and everywhere you can see durians and many other local fruits were sold everywhere in KL. I was supposed to go to my uncle's orchard in Tanjung Malim today but hafta cancel it due to some personal matters.
Anyway.. after I'm done with my personal matters, couple of friends asked me to join them for a durian trip in Ulu Langat.. a very nice kampung place surrounded by a greenery with marvelous scenery.. and I agreed.. We made our way to Ulu Langat first to get the ever marvelous Prawn Mee by the waterfall (see here)and later check out the durian place to eat.. Stopped by a biker who sold fresh rambutan by the street..which is quite expensive at RM3/kg. Nice thing that the rambutan is really good..and later we stopped by the Hot Spring where there's a Durian stall by the street.. Got ourselves a few durians.. which is so tasty.. and eat till we drop.. yummy!There's a whole lot of other fruits that they sell here.. including the mangosteen.. but I was so overwhelmed by the durians, I forgot to buy some.. heheheh!On the way back, saw a few people took the rmabutans from the tree.. and that made me think how life in kampung is such an easy and peaceful life.. It's such a good durian trip this time.. and I look forward to come back for more soon..


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