Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Varieties of Water Fountains

I always love3 water fountains.. and I do believe that a house should have one water feature to add the glow and attractiveness.. the sound of the water pouring down the fountain is so soothing with the calming effect that's so peaceful.. what more with the fishes swimming around the pond and the greenery that surrounds the place.. herrmmmmm! I'm dreaming again... heheh!A visit to one of the water fountain farm in Bukit Jalil is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.. usually whenever I noticed the place, I either miss the entrance or didn't even notice at all.. and one has to make a U-turn if he miss the entrance.. I was there with Puan Sri as she wanted to get herself a specific looks of water feature she wanted so bad.. and there the varieties here are endless.. from the round shape, to the oblong one.. with the varieties of fountain types.. you name it.. they have it..The only one thing that they don't have is the one Puan Sri's looking for.. the long carved Bali style pillar with a rounded 2 layers fountain on top.. I'll share with you the sample soon when I snap the photo of how it looks like..Well.. check out the place by the side of Sg. Besi - Puchong Highway after Tech. Park Malaysia.. don't miss the entrance on your right!

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