Saturday, July 5, 2008

KL Music Festival - Tribute to Ahmad Nawab

Got myself a ticket for KL Music Festival held in Istana Budaya for the whole week. Tonight, it's gonna be a tribute to Ahmad Nawab with lots and well established singers took part in the show. It was a full-house crowd for the show.. and most of them were filling up the chairs as early as 8pm.. and I noticed that most of them the 30's kind of crowd.. Big names like Jamal Abdillah, Khatijah Ibrahim, Siti Fairuz.. just to name a few participated in the show.. singing their heart out with their golden vocals that really made the nite alive.. they really do justice to Ahmad Nawab's songs, singing beautifully from their heart.. amazing! Then Ahmad Nawab made an appearance with his saxophone and performed a few numbers of instrumental for the audience.. ..brilliant music arrangement.. with help of ManKidal and Steve Thornton.. and marvelous presentation from him! Bravo! I'm in my 30s.. and i can appreciate the music very well.. I made a quiet exit quite early to avoid traffic congestion there.. and can't help but to notice how beautiful Istana Budaya is.. simply amazing structure that colors the KL city nites..

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