Friday, July 11, 2008

SAP Summit 2008

The venue is within KLCC area.. ..and it's the SAP Summit for this year.. ..a yearly exhibition that gathers all SAP service providers and system integrators from Malaysia to promote their companies for projects in Malaysia and elsewhere.. In Malaysia, SAP system is still in the middle stage where it increasingly becomes more familiar to the rest of the companies and gain more popularity for usage of the system in bigger companies like TM, Petronas and TNB.. who's been using it for quite some time.. Somehow this year's exhibition is not that big compared to last year.. with fewer participants, the involments are more towards the system integration.. which makes it rather unpopular.. or companies are more careful towards spending.. hence resulted in lesser crowd.. We made a quick walk from booth to booth checking out what the companies are offering.. and what gifts they have in store for us..And the most important of all.. their food is marvelous.. a combination of Curried Chicken Wings, Sticky Rice in the leaves ..and Apple Strudels were really superb.. yummy2! Me and food.. can't be separated.. heheh!

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