Wednesday, July 30, 2008

California Fitness Sunway

Lately,I'm becoming a frequentat the gym and I'm gonna spend most of my time in the gym starting from now on.. my nights will be b busier and the time spent in the gym will be more beneficial to me as I can work-out after work and during weekends..
I think I chose the right club to join as amongst all the fitness clubs that I joined before, this is the one that I enjoyed most.. and feel comfortable with easily.. Cool place, cool people, nice new equipment..It's a 2 storey gym with many stairs up and down, here and there.. The upper level is where the ladies changing room is parked.. lines and loads of treadmills occupying this level and there's even a private room for ladies who wants privacy.. The lower level is where the free weight area is located.. there are also the cardio and treadmills area and the weight machines are parked.. with big studio room for classes and another small room for cycling.. simply nice ambiance with good arrangement of everything.. which makes the gym so nice..The gent's changing room is located at the ground floor, with lots of lockers and ample space for people to change clothes and stuff.. Good thing is they even provide the members with the lotions, gel and cotton buds..and the towels are provided as well.. life is just good eh? what you hafta do is to come here and concentrate on your exercise routine only.. nice eh?
Being the latest gym and growing, I believe that California Fitness will grow up more in the future and will surely become one of the most reputable gym in Malaysia.. simply keep up the good equipment, good ambiance and good service.. things will be easy on the go for them!
Those who're still thinking of joining the gym but have difficulties choosing the right one, Calif Fitness is simply the right one for you.. Come and gym with me!

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