Friday, July 25, 2008

The Cracked Windshield

I was driving in rush yesterday when out of nowhere, a rock hit my windshield.. At first I thought nothing happened, but later found out that there is a small crack at the middle of the windshield.. Shit happened, and I was quite frustrated with that.. considering that I only have my blackie for only about 2 months.. but quite relieved to know that they can fix the crack and make it almost invisible..
I immediately drive around Puchong area to find the windshield shop on my way back home.. and find a shop that can fix it behind Tesco Puchong..a place called Pakar Cermin Kereta..They immediately start the work as soon as I agreed to the price.. and hafta wait for only about 45 minutes for the thing to finish..What they did was to inject some kind of chemical to the cracked place to decrease the possibilities of more cracks to occur later.. and it comes with a year warranty as well.. It only costs me RM70 for fixing that.. and great thing is.. the crack is gone.. almost invisible to the eyes of mine.. and happy that blackie is healed again.. heheh!


Irwan said...

Hey! Sian Blackie.. Tercedera!

NIKO75 said...

Tu laaa... nasib baik blackie tak teruk.. kalau tak mmg nangis la.. hahah!