Saturday, April 9, 2011


Friday.. casual day.. but stuffed with works to do.. bored a very packed activities this week, me and the gang decided to attack Alamanda for a movie.. Just Go With It! Review? A must watch movie.. kelakar tak ingat.. Aniston is simply amazing in this movie.. plus Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler's gf is WOWWWW!! but the weird thing is that only the clan gelak sampai nka pecah perut.. and a very few other people in the movie.. weird jugakk.. depa ni tak paham ka lawak Adam Sanndler.. well.. whatever laa.. Just go with it.. Another visit to Coffee Village for a coffee break.. same old thingy with all the pakcik makcik entah mana mai dok syok sgt singing a very2 old song yg tak pernah dengar pun.. semua macam syok sendiri pulak tu.. confuse aku.. Had drinks and chat.. when suddenly this time the clan forced me to go sing at the stage.. in which I surrender to their request.. and sang 2 songs, a Broery song and another Jay-Jay song.. habis kucar kacir suara ke laut laaa.. lantak la.. hahahah!
Had fun.. and went back home at 2am.. update blog.. and tidorrrr...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Had another training on project management.. this time it's a 2 days course at IOI Resort.. near Putrajaya.. which I thought the route there will be jammed up with cars and stuff.. but it turned otherwise.. it only took me 20 minutes to reach the place from my house.. which I simply cannot understand why.. hehehAnyway.. the place is just awesome.. so nice that I can spend some time looking at the greenery here.. and walk in between trees and plants.. simply awesome! The course on the other hand was quite head spinning and a bit challenging, especially the maths part.. even my boss had a hard time understanding what the heck they are talking about.. and this is the first time I saw him like that.. lost and unprepared.. hahahah.. but at then end of the 2nd day.. it was all good for us.. even though the trainer is a bit rushing.. sometimes mumbling.. and sometimes very chinese english speaking type of old man.. what more with the examples were more towards constructions and buildings.. nothing related to IT at all.. confuse aku kekadang!Most important thing, the food was fantastic.. awesome beb! Roast lamb, spaghetti, ostrich curry.. macam2 adaaaa.. memang sedap laaa.. memang sedappppp..

Monday, April 4, 2011


It's a beautiful Sunday morning.. I need to get the stress out of my system a bit before going back to the hospital to check out Tok.. so I went to this Pudu Ulu Park nearby Jusco Taman Maluri to join the senamrobik.. Nice park.. but still new so the trees and all are still small.. gosh.. I parked my car far behind the park so hafta walk that far from the senamrobik place.. The shoes on the other hand is killing me so I can't really jog.. The senamrobik is quite ok.. but turned to be boring after some time.. I don't know why.. but not as interesting as the Ipoh senamrobik.. well, this weekend will be the one in Tasik Permaisuri for sure..

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Gosh! I'm so tired.. my weekend was fully occupied camping at the hospital.. my maktok has been admitted to the hospital yesterday as her BP shots up to 200 over.. and she has been in the ICU ward eversince.. She's weak and not stable.. and sometimes I heard her saying weird things like asking the bibik to serve the drinks to us, get the clothes from the ampaian and stuff.. quite disturbing for me at times..The BP reading is getting down as I speak.. and the doctor said there's a slight problem with her kidney.. Mak spent the nites taking care of her, and she said that tok dah ok sikit compared to yesterday.. though she's already in her 80s, but I do hope that she will get well soon.. can't wait to bring her to my house soon..
P/S: She's all well now.. lega tgk she can sit on her bed and talk to people already.. what a relief! Thank you god!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I was in PWTC when I saw this photo of the young Tun Mahathir.. Mak aiiihhh! mudanya dia.. If i'm not mistaken this was taken in his 80s a few years after he was appointed as the Prime Minister.. bila tengok dia sekarang from his buku, he's getting old.. but still strong and smart.. Hope Tun akan hidup lama lagi.. he is a one person that I admire from all aspect.. and although his era is gone, his presence is always expected by all.. Although his era is gone.. look at how far he has transformed Malaysia so far.. long live Tun!