Thursday, April 7, 2011


Had another training on project management.. this time it's a 2 days course at IOI Resort.. near Putrajaya.. which I thought the route there will be jammed up with cars and stuff.. but it turned otherwise.. it only took me 20 minutes to reach the place from my house.. which I simply cannot understand why.. hehehAnyway.. the place is just awesome.. so nice that I can spend some time looking at the greenery here.. and walk in between trees and plants.. simply awesome! The course on the other hand was quite head spinning and a bit challenging, especially the maths part.. even my boss had a hard time understanding what the heck they are talking about.. and this is the first time I saw him like that.. lost and unprepared.. hahahah.. but at then end of the 2nd day.. it was all good for us.. even though the trainer is a bit rushing.. sometimes mumbling.. and sometimes very chinese english speaking type of old man.. what more with the examples were more towards constructions and buildings.. nothing related to IT at all.. confuse aku kekadang!Most important thing, the food was fantastic.. awesome beb! Roast lamb, spaghetti, ostrich curry.. macam2 adaaaa.. memang sedap laaa.. memang sedappppp..

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