Sunday, April 3, 2011


Gosh! I'm so tired.. my weekend was fully occupied camping at the hospital.. my maktok has been admitted to the hospital yesterday as her BP shots up to 200 over.. and she has been in the ICU ward eversince.. She's weak and not stable.. and sometimes I heard her saying weird things like asking the bibik to serve the drinks to us, get the clothes from the ampaian and stuff.. quite disturbing for me at times..The BP reading is getting down as I speak.. and the doctor said there's a slight problem with her kidney.. Mak spent the nites taking care of her, and she said that tok dah ok sikit compared to yesterday.. though she's already in her 80s, but I do hope that she will get well soon.. can't wait to bring her to my house soon..
P/S: She's all well now.. lega tgk she can sit on her bed and talk to people already.. what a relief! Thank you god!

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