Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It is indeed a quiet day of our independence day of 53 years today.. probably because it's Ramadhan so people are a bit slow about celebrating it.. but it is a great feeling that I have inside, looking at Malaysia now and the progress and achievements that we all have made so far..
It's a special day to be shared with the Malaysians.. and I hope everyone shares the same proud feelings that I feel now.. to those who still are skeptical and very cynical with whatever that we achieved so far, wake up and stop complaining.. instead start thinking how far we have gone through with our journey, how to lend our helpful hand and together we help build our nation towards achieving a great nation and a wonderful place to stay in peace and harmony.. chewahhhh.. macam politician la pulokkk.. hahahah!


Monday, August 30, 2010


It's a sad sad evening.. my stupid arowana jumped off the aquarium.. and when I was back home.. I found it lying dead on the floor already.. It's quite a shock because I covered the top with the lid.. how can it jumped with the lid on.. heran laaa.. why can't it wait until it gets bigger? tensionnya, stupid arowana.. may it rest in peace..
So what's the next ikan to buy? Discus may be.. heheh..


Monday started with a really early meeting.. with tons of work to settle.. and I'm really not in the mood to work at all..
Truly monday blues.. with another merdeka holiday tomorrow.. adoiii.. what happened to me laaa... still damn tired from the freaking 8 hours far journey yesterday.. added with a bad migraine and sleepy eyes.. the idea of berbuka today is getting higher and higher.. heheheh! wink2

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Two days spent in Ganu, and it's time for me to head back to KL.. I can see the sad faces of my parent's face the moment I wanna leave the house.. but they are coming to KL next week so we will have our buka posa together again..

It was a freaking 8 hours journey to expect this time.. and with posa time, the earlier target was to reach Temerloh for berbuka.. but since I saw a very busy bazar @ Bukit Goh, Kuantan, I decided to stop to see the special local food here..
Pretty much the same food as the rest of other bazar.. the only different food that I can find here is the coned kuih.. which doesn't taste that good.. saw a rather thick murtabak.. but can't take it anymore since my berbuka meals are usually filled with murtabak and sugarcane.. got myself putu bambu and lompat tikam..

well..nothing special at the bazar here.. and the food isn't that variety.. only ok-ok je la if one wanna make a stop to buy things for berbuka.. Next berbuka stop.. Temerloh R&R..

Saturday, August 28, 2010


2nd day of puasa at ganu, went to the bazar in Tanjong.. which is located in front of Istana Maziah, near Pasar Kedai Payang.. lots of stalls open for business but not so many people compared to the one in Cabang Tiga bazar.. but the place is more organized and cleaner.. I noticed that the ayam golek is the trend now.. almost every other stall sells the same thing.. in which most of them looks the same.. not that attractive at all.. come on guys.. be creative and let ur product outstands the others..
Anyway, I was still with my mission for a good nasi Dagang.. as the one I had yesterday was rather frustrating.. so I managed to find a few Nasi Dagang stalls, and bought one each for tasting.. pelahap kannn! hahahhaahOnde2 is a must.. nekbat and pulut lepa anyone? Nice bazar to visit by the riverside.. a must go bazar for good food!

Friday, August 27, 2010


At last, I managed to find time to go back for berbuka with my parents.. They have been asking me to come back and berbuka with them this puasa.. and this is the time for me to visit the food bazar and get the local delicacies..
First location is BR Cabang 3 which is featured almost every year.. located in Losong, this is one of the big and established bazar where lots of people get their berbuka food here.. so many variety of food sold here I feel like I'm spoiled with choices already.. definitely better and bigger than last year.. with more varieties of food more.. and they even have a special row only for the drinks.. all sorts, all types.. u name it, u have it.. heheh..
but first thing to find.. nasi dagang.. and managed to buy one from this blur makcik who persistently asked me to get her kuih to replace the 50cent that she didn't have.. with her pure ganu accent, i didn't even understand what she's trying to say.. and at last she gave me this 3 karipap worth 50cent. whatever la makcik..
Bought lots of kuih.. murtabak, jelly, pau ikan, pulut lepa and all sorts of local food.. can't wait for berbuka with the family.. best2!
p/s: lost all my photos taken @ BR Chabang 3.. aduhhhh..


It's time for berbuka in ganu again.. freaking 8 hours long drive.. so very2 far away.. why la ganu is so far away? to whom it may concern.. cepat2 la siapkan LPT from Kuantan to Ganu quickly, it looks abandoned already.. takkan sampai election baru nak complete kotttt... gosh! please laaaa...Thank god the food is worth going back, and my parents still there.. Imagining keropok, nasi dagang and all local food already.. yummy2!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's been a while since I IC is giving me problem.. the chip is practically damaged, and i need to replace a new obe a.s.a.p.. I can't even change my bank card, check my epf's details, apply for asb loan etc.. tensi betoi laaa.. so I went to JPN putrajaya as advised by my friends.. and it's quite a shock to me that they have improved tremendously in terms of their speed, service and processing.. even the place is so nice one may feel at ease when dealing with JPN.. the little garden, clear signs and very systematic service, I spent about only 15 minutes for the processing.. even I can collect the IC within 24 hours.. nice work JPN.. hope other departments will use them as the model for efficient service.. anyway.. happy2 dapat new IC.. sukaaaaa!


Gosh.. it's a huge Ramadan bazar at Putrajaya, in front of MoF building stretch.. one of the biggest and most variety food bazar ever.. no use talking.. check it out for yourself.. definitely worth it!


I happen to have another assignment to Mukah, in puasa time.. crazy.. but i kinda looking forward to this trip since this is the first time I ever been to a small town in Sarawak.. well, that's my first perception of Mukah.. small town with basic shops and no nice hotel..
NOTTTTTTTTT...! I was quite surprise to see Mukah as a small town with complete facilities and infra, what more with UITM campus and stuff.. really above my expectation.. anyway, I had a flight to Miri and later a connecting flight to Mukah, which we all had to be weighted including the bags before check in.. the airplane to Mukah was so sempoi that it can only accomodate 19 people, a bumpy ride with flip flop seats and very noisy fans.. what more with one senior pilot and trainee pilot that handles the very manual cockpit.. and later only to land right in front of a very small bungalow house turned to mini airport.. gosh.. what a scary ride, but an interesting experience for me.. heheh..
The town is very famous with burung waled business and one can see lots of the birds filling up the sky especially in the evening.. which gave me thoughts that if only Bangsar can transform those gagak to waled, the place would be more peaceful.. heheh.. and the community will be much richer..
Even the Bazar Ramadan is similar to KL that I can hardly find local food here.. NO laksa sarawak, NO umai, NO kolok mee, NO midin.. huhhh.. instead one can easily find, laksa penang, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, char kuey teow penang and stuff.. WHYYY? adoiiiii... Tied up with the visits and activities in Mukah.. and even visited the famous rumah panjang here.. nice place, cool people, good experience..
The trip back to Sibu was far more challenging.. the road stretch from Mukah halfway to Sibu is under construction so we practically used the bumpy and muddy road to get there.. really macam camel trophy adventure road tu, with lots of lorries and buses.. using proton iswara saja ok.. tabik spring to the driver.. heheheh! Those who can't stand the road can easily puke, like being told by the driver.. kesian...
Really one heck of experience for me la.. a good one.. and hope to be there again some other time..


I'm bored with my current fish collection already.. so I need to find a more challenging fish to take care of so badly.. and wallaaa.. a new addition to my ikan collection.. the silver red arowana.. the cheapest of the family.. hehe! and the most active one.. I wanna start cheap first before I move on to the more expensive species of arowana.. and it looks positive so far.. fish is healthy, good eating habits.. and doesn't jump out from the aquarium as the last one did..
It grows so fast that in just a week, I can see that the size is getting bigger and bigger.. hope it will last for a while.. heheh..

Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's confirmed.. a good friend of mine is cooking for berbuka.. yeayyy! I know for the fact that she cooks very well and it's quite rare that I can get the chance to taste the cooking and I couldn't wait for the berbuka time at her house.. So what's cooking mek?Sweet sour chickenPrawn curryFried cabbageAssam fried fish with kicapGosh.. sungguh sedappp.. definitely enjoyed the food.. gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati ku ini... heheheh

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A must go place to buy food every year.. probably because it's near my house.. and another factor is because of the food variety here.. Again.. similar photos like last year.. from rojaks and ice cendol to a brother with a cowboy hat that sells asam laksa, and nasi ambeng stall.. lots of food sold here.. but i like this one place that sells superb nasi tomato.. sold by this brader putih near the sales office.. I'm a fan of this nasi tomato.. another place for good food.. one will not regret!