Sunday, August 8, 2010


I just got back from Ipoh.. well, I've been running around for a one-day travel, driving my parents as they need to settle a few important matters.. nothing much to tell except that I found a really nice ice kacang.. the best so far.. it's at the Bagan Serai's wet market.. simple stall with quite an old setup.. but the ice kacang.. perggghhhh.. meletup bebb! Well, it seems that the pakcik has been making ice kacang his old life.. since standard 3.. no wonder la the ice kacang is so nice.. secukup rasa.. sedapppp... yummy2! Anyway.. a one-day journey to cover ipoh, bagan serai, back to ipoh, spend a nite at my aunt's house and back to kl the next day seems to be so tiring.. but at least I gotta spend some of my quality time with my parents.. That's the least I can do, but I like it... hehe..

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