Friday, August 27, 2010


At last, I managed to find time to go back for berbuka with my parents.. They have been asking me to come back and berbuka with them this puasa.. and this is the time for me to visit the food bazar and get the local delicacies..
First location is BR Cabang 3 which is featured almost every year.. located in Losong, this is one of the big and established bazar where lots of people get their berbuka food here.. so many variety of food sold here I feel like I'm spoiled with choices already.. definitely better and bigger than last year.. with more varieties of food more.. and they even have a special row only for the drinks.. all sorts, all types.. u name it, u have it.. heheh..
but first thing to find.. nasi dagang.. and managed to buy one from this blur makcik who persistently asked me to get her kuih to replace the 50cent that she didn't have.. with her pure ganu accent, i didn't even understand what she's trying to say.. and at last she gave me this 3 karipap worth 50cent. whatever la makcik..
Bought lots of kuih.. murtabak, jelly, pau ikan, pulut lepa and all sorts of local food.. can't wait for berbuka with the family.. best2!
p/s: lost all my photos taken @ BR Chabang 3.. aduhhhh..

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