Saturday, August 28, 2010


2nd day of puasa at ganu, went to the bazar in Tanjong.. which is located in front of Istana Maziah, near Pasar Kedai Payang.. lots of stalls open for business but not so many people compared to the one in Cabang Tiga bazar.. but the place is more organized and cleaner.. I noticed that the ayam golek is the trend now.. almost every other stall sells the same thing.. in which most of them looks the same.. not that attractive at all.. come on guys.. be creative and let ur product outstands the others..
Anyway, I was still with my mission for a good nasi Dagang.. as the one I had yesterday was rather frustrating.. so I managed to find a few Nasi Dagang stalls, and bought one each for tasting.. pelahap kannn! hahahhaahOnde2 is a must.. nekbat and pulut lepa anyone? Nice bazar to visit by the riverside.. a must go bazar for good food!

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