Thursday, August 26, 2010


I happen to have another assignment to Mukah, in puasa time.. crazy.. but i kinda looking forward to this trip since this is the first time I ever been to a small town in Sarawak.. well, that's my first perception of Mukah.. small town with basic shops and no nice hotel..
NOTTTTTTTTT...! I was quite surprise to see Mukah as a small town with complete facilities and infra, what more with UITM campus and stuff.. really above my expectation.. anyway, I had a flight to Miri and later a connecting flight to Mukah, which we all had to be weighted including the bags before check in.. the airplane to Mukah was so sempoi that it can only accomodate 19 people, a bumpy ride with flip flop seats and very noisy fans.. what more with one senior pilot and trainee pilot that handles the very manual cockpit.. and later only to land right in front of a very small bungalow house turned to mini airport.. gosh.. what a scary ride, but an interesting experience for me.. heheh..
The town is very famous with burung waled business and one can see lots of the birds filling up the sky especially in the evening.. which gave me thoughts that if only Bangsar can transform those gagak to waled, the place would be more peaceful.. heheh.. and the community will be much richer..
Even the Bazar Ramadan is similar to KL that I can hardly find local food here.. NO laksa sarawak, NO umai, NO kolok mee, NO midin.. huhhh.. instead one can easily find, laksa penang, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, char kuey teow penang and stuff.. WHYYY? adoiiiii... Tied up with the visits and activities in Mukah.. and even visited the famous rumah panjang here.. nice place, cool people, good experience..
The trip back to Sibu was far more challenging.. the road stretch from Mukah halfway to Sibu is under construction so we practically used the bumpy and muddy road to get there.. really macam camel trophy adventure road tu, with lots of lorries and buses.. using proton iswara saja ok.. tabik spring to the driver.. heheheh! Those who can't stand the road can easily puke, like being told by the driver.. kesian...
Really one heck of experience for me la.. a good one.. and hope to be there again some other time..

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