Monday, August 2, 2010


It was quite a haywire morning when my brother suddenly called and told me that his wife is due.. and he was at the hospital with the 3 kiddos and noone was there to take care of the kiddos when he wanted to get in the labor room.. I just can't imagine the thought of the kiddos all alone at the waiting room, without nobody waiting for them, and my brother in the labor room accompanying his wife for delivery.. My parents were told and they are on theor way driving the car all the way from Ganu.. I quickly rushed to the hospital, and as soon as I saw the kids were all alone at the sofa, I rushed to them and be with them for a while.. all the what ifs came to my thoughts, what if someone pretended to be all nice and friendly and wanted to treat them for ice cream.. and they decided to follow.. gosh I can't imagine what will happen!! Brought them out for breakfast, and back home.. let them play and relax a bit, and soon in the evening brought them back to the hospital to see the newborn and the mom.. Thank god Mak and abah arrived in the evening so I can send the kids back to their home..Anyway, congratulations on the newborn.. still no name, but surely added the happiness to our small family again.. Welcome to the world our little princess..

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