Monday, June 29, 2009

The Abolished Toll

I don't know whether many knows or not, but the Sg Besi Toll that used to be in Kuchai Lama area is now gone.. and so does one side of Sunway toll in Kg Medan, PJ.. What puzzled me is that there are no hoo-haa about this as it normally does.. The road that I used to pay toll before is not clear without any toll booth at all.. I think it's good that those tolls were abolished so it would ease us the burden of the people i this time of economic situation..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Every Cloud has it’s silver liner.. it’s true..

I’m just so touched away to watch the amazing formation of clouds in the evening.. and throughout the journey back to KL, there are many formation of beautiful clouds at the background of the nature’s landscape.. so peaceful.. thanking god for his wonderful creation.. breathtaking!

Blackie’s Care Day

Blackie has reached her one year plus of age with me.. and I hardly pamper her since I last have her last year.. so, out of the blue, I figured that I need to treat her good.. and today she’s gonna have her manicure, pedicure, facial.. whatever name it is.. and that means my ringgit wil be flying soon.. heheh!First, the front light bulb, change it to a better one.. and good.. she’s now with a new headlight..Second, the door visor, simple and nice, and it fitted Blackie real well.. slick!Last, tinted, real dark one with about 65% heat resistance.. cool one! and I like it so much.. so now Blackie has more reasons to slide thru the road more proud and confident.. I likeeeee..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movies => Transformers

Went to watch Transformers at the latest The Signature Theatre @ The Gardens, Midvalley, courtesy of a friend who can't make it to the movies.. hahah.. thanks..
The place is really cool with double seating each.. really comfortable seating with a rental blanket at RM5 each.. cool..The movie is also awesome I unconsciously dropped my jaw during fight.. so marvelously crafted at a very detailed level for a film.. tabik spring 10 kali laaa..
Overall a good movie and totally recommended..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Doctor's Checkup and Festival Candat Sotong

Went back to Ganu over the weekend.. hafta run back for a periodical checking of my broken arm.. so this is a chance for me to visit my parents there too..
The good news is my broken arm is going through a speedy recovery.. and I have a choice whether to take it off or just leave it there.. That's for me to think later laa..
Anyway, after a long day at the hospital, went to tour KT's town only to find out that there's a Karnival Mencandat Sotong (Squid's Catching Carnival) at Taman Syahbandar, near the edge of Terengganu River.. It looks so majestic at the edge of Taman Shahbandar with thousands of neon lights shining the night of Dataran Shahbandar..There's a concert with unknown singers.. and not so many people around.. lots of stalls selling local stuff.. and a theme park set with huge ferris wheel and many more games.. cool! I walked thru the carnival and went back shortly after that..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lunch @ Rasa Sayang Restaurant

Lunch is pretty much a time to look forward.. some can even drive far to hunt for a nice food.. so out of the blues, my colleague asked us to walk a bit far to Rasa Sayang Restaurant to try the food there.. They have an affordable lunch set with quite a few varieties, and we all opt for biryanis, one for vege biryani, another lamb biryani and chicken biryani..
which came with orange juice.. check it out.. mmg sedapp! And the 3 Layer Ice Tea is to die for.. simply irresistable..The place is cosy.. and totally recommended for all to chill out and try out the food..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Ruined Parquet & The Plumbing Job..

My 3rd room was suddenly flooded over the weekend, and half the parquet of the room was wet and ruined.. it left me with no choice than to call a plumber to check what's happening.. and they started with those plumbing job as soon as they were done with the checking.. They knocked down quite a large portion of the bathroom and the room, leaving it a huge hole on the floor.. trying to figure out the source of the problem.. it started with the joints of the buried pipes were leaking here and there.. resulted in a few places of the pipes to be replaced.. The other portion of the leak was the kitchen and wet area.. and that also being knocked down to find the source of the problem.. The guy who did the plumbing job is Famili.. nice guy, and so doe the partner.. It took 2 days to settle things out.. but still happy that the price for those plumbing job is pretty reasonable.. and I'm happy that all the misery is over.. leaving the ruined parquet still wet and smelly...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dinner @ Flying Chillies Restaurant

I’ve heard a lot about this place.. and really wanted to try it out.. so, one fine hungry nite, I finally managed to try it out.. I especially like the place, so cosy and relaxing.. with a nice white based decoration, and over friendly waiters.. it’s really a cool place to dine in.. It’s situated at the upper floor of The Gardens, near the food court.. not that difficult to find..
So, what did I order? Check it out..Marvelous Tomyam with River Prawns.. lip smacking hot, but really tasty..Scrumptious Deep Fired Calamari.. deliciouso…Minced Chicken with Basil.. ok la..Asparagus with Prawns.. so-so..And a huge piece of Ice blended chocolate.. Really delightful and mouthwatering.. totally recommended..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Phone Charging Box

I was at Oldtown Cafe Kuchai Lama when I saw this phone charging service offered to the customers in a locked box.. which is kinda new in cafes.. It is a good effort provided by the cafe to ensure customers stick to their place for long...Nice efforts.. although it's just a small effort, but surely benefits some people who needs the service.. bravo on the efforts..

Monday, June 15, 2009

Makan2 @ Moon's Cafe, Pandah Indah

Another round of dinner at Moon's Cafe, this time with a friend for a birthday treat.. Nothing much difference, just another round of our usual order.. chicken chop and lamb chop.. yummy still.. topped with the cooling extra large mug of Air Mata Kucing added to the delicious meal.. who wouldn't wanna come here again, right?

Money Calling Ritual

I was in Pudu searching for the new pond for my fishes when suddenly I saw this old lady sat at the end of the corner of the wall.. in front of the stalls, with a book in hand, started yelling and hollering something in a language nobody could even understand.. Her voice turned to be very husky while reading her ritual as she was looking at at sky, as if she's asking for something from the sky..Puzzled on what's going on, I asked one of the uncle at the fish stall on what actually happened, and he explained to me that she's doing a money calling ritual to ask for fortune and wealth from god.. and when I ask whether this is practiced by the people in that area, the uncle immediately laughed and said that she's been doing that for quite some times, but still didn't get the wealth up to now.. Morale of the story, the uncle said that one must work to earn the hard money, and not just call the money and hope for it to come fall in your laps.. hahah!! and I couldn't agree more to that.. hehehe!