Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Doctor's Checkup and Festival Candat Sotong

Went back to Ganu over the weekend.. hafta run back for a periodical checking of my broken arm.. so this is a chance for me to visit my parents there too..
The good news is my broken arm is going through a speedy recovery.. and I have a choice whether to take it off or just leave it there.. That's for me to think later laa..
Anyway, after a long day at the hospital, went to tour KT's town only to find out that there's a Karnival Mencandat Sotong (Squid's Catching Carnival) at Taman Syahbandar, near the edge of Terengganu River.. It looks so majestic at the edge of Taman Shahbandar with thousands of neon lights shining the night of Dataran Shahbandar..There's a concert with unknown singers.. and not so many people around.. lots of stalls selling local stuff.. and a theme park set with huge ferris wheel and many more games.. cool! I walked thru the carnival and went back shortly after that..

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