Monday, June 15, 2009

Money Calling Ritual

I was in Pudu searching for the new pond for my fishes when suddenly I saw this old lady sat at the end of the corner of the wall.. in front of the stalls, with a book in hand, started yelling and hollering something in a language nobody could even understand.. Her voice turned to be very husky while reading her ritual as she was looking at at sky, as if she's asking for something from the sky..Puzzled on what's going on, I asked one of the uncle at the fish stall on what actually happened, and he explained to me that she's doing a money calling ritual to ask for fortune and wealth from god.. and when I ask whether this is practiced by the people in that area, the uncle immediately laughed and said that she's been doing that for quite some times, but still didn't get the wealth up to now.. Morale of the story, the uncle said that one must work to earn the hard money, and not just call the money and hope for it to come fall in your laps.. hahah!! and I couldn't agree more to that.. hehehe!

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