Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blackie’s Care Day

Blackie has reached her one year plus of age with me.. and I hardly pamper her since I last have her last year.. so, out of the blue, I figured that I need to treat her good.. and today she’s gonna have her manicure, pedicure, facial.. whatever name it is.. and that means my ringgit wil be flying soon.. heheh!First, the front light bulb, change it to a better one.. and good.. she’s now with a new headlight..Second, the door visor, simple and nice, and it fitted Blackie real well.. slick!Last, tinted, real dark one with about 65% heat resistance.. cool one! and I like it so much.. so now Blackie has more reasons to slide thru the road more proud and confident.. I likeeeee..

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