Sunday, May 30, 2010


The latest addition to Pak Lang's family, these 2 cute babies are the kids of my cousins.. I don't remember their names.. but they sure have a way canggih name for the next generation's kiddos.. Congratulations.. This is their 2nd compared to nothing of me.. heheh..


I managed to spend another day in Teluk Nipah and let me say this outloud.. I'm really upset!! What the hell are these people thinking.. the state government has decided to turn a very natural and beautiful Teluk Nipah beach into a stupid building of food court or something.. What the hell are they thinking? have they lost their mind?Clearly the locals are very upset with the development too.. what more with the tourists who's a frequent there? People go to Teluk Nipah for its panoramic site, relaxing scenery and most important thing, very simple and natural way to enjoy the beach.. but destroying all those with just a concrete development of stupid food court? Not worth it.. Eating out is only one option for people there, but the most important thing for me are to keep people happy at the beach and to keep the original beauty of the beach.. not ruin it with a stupid development simply to gain profit from the area.. so unwise..It's good that they try to bring development to the area.. but do it somewhere else, on the land site for example.. but not at the side of the beach where people used to sit and relax, mandi laut and stuff.. again.. stupid move.. unwise decision!Gosh.. there goes my lovely Teluk Nipah.. I will miss the original place truly..


Meet darling, the latest addition of my uncle's.. crazy gorgeous, I would steal and bring it back to my home..hahahahaha.. The name's Darling.. a female.. Still new to the family, still needs more of getting used to the people.. but I'm sure once Darling and To'et clicked, they sure make very pretty kittens.. I want one!!


Quick question.. what are they doing?Upppssss... hahahahhah....


Meet MAMAN, the cicak hunter.. a kampung boy by day, and a cicak hunter by nite.. well.. I taught him on how to make the bullets with a very thick folded small newspaper, combined with lots of getah.. hehe! there u go, ready for cicak hunting..Location.. all over the house.. and the results.. 10 very ungrateful cicak that can't escape his attack.. too bad la cicak... all run far far away for rescue, not even dare to come out in the open.. hahhaha.. Whatever it is, for the first timer of cicak hunting, great job, Maman.. hehehhe..

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The journey back to KL should be the most fun one as it's the jalan2 cari makan time.. made a list of 3 places to get good food.. and I hope to strike it all..
First stop.. Air Itam, which is famous for i don;t know what.. heheh! but since my friend recommended the putu mayum here.. I think I should try.. and yeah.. it's worth the stop.. wonderful fluffy putu mayum I ever had..
Next stop.. Muar, famous for its Assam Pedas and Mee Bandung.. Stopped by at the blue mosque with a wonderful architecture.. really nice architeture eh? and later hunt for the good food here started.. I can wait no more since I've been searching around for a good taste of Assam Pedas.. and again she made the right choice of one of the best Assam Pedas in Muor.. cool one.. makan till drop, and tapau some home.. again.. worth the try..
The third one is the ever famous Mee Bandung.. located in front of SM Sains Muar.. really don't remember the name of the seasoned stall, but it's been there like forever, and quite famous among the locals here.. I didn't take any photos of the Mee Rebus, but trust me.. again.. it's worth the stop..
Done with the 3 places, 3 strikes, makes it turkey.. all excellent food.. all worth trying.. like my friend's saying.. always trust the kaki makan's recommendation.. one can never regret.. yeahhh.. I feel you nowwww... heheheheh!


It was ages ago since I last went to Johor, so it's a strange and alien land for me compared to other places in Malaysia.. even I went to Sabah and Sarawak more frequent i guess.. heheh! No offence johoreans.... so, I'd say that the ad hoc appointment to visit the fish cages in Sg Johor is a golden opportunity for me to familiarize myself back to the foreign land of Johor..The place wasn't in Johor Bahru town, instead it's located towards Pasir Gudang and Desaru area.. anyway, we all managed to ride a boat to the middle of nowhere to check out the fish cages..which was really exciting.. check out all the photos shared.. After the visit, drove straight to a very far and boring journey to Desaru, only to find that there's nothing much there.. even the pantai isn't that exciting.. so what made Desaru so famous? I really have no idea.. thank god the hotel room was awesome, so it balanced the frustration that we had over the beach and the entertainment sites here.. takpa laa.. next time will go to Johor Bharu pulak to check out whats good there..Check out the food places I managed to stop on my way back to KL in the next entry..


I don't remember where.. but I was in one of the rest area when I saw this sex ad on the door of the toilet.. Check out the one in the blue circle! Well.. in case if you can't read it, it says CALL ME, GIRLS ONLY..
Ironically.. this is GENTS toilet so definitely there will be no girls who would read your message ding dong.. aiyooooo...
so, who do think the message goes to? hahahahhaha..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It was a beautiful one morning when I bumped into a horrible accident on my way to work..The driver must have been speeding so fast that it crashed and turned upside down by the edge of the highway.. Just horrible that I wanna stop but there are so many cars around so I decided to continue driving.. Anyway, I do hope that the driver is safe and nothing bad happened.. Ironically, on my way back home in the evening, I saw another accident near my house.. not so bad.. but certainly alerted me to be more aware of the possibilities that may come.. and one thing for sure, those accidents really remind me to drive slowly.. how slow.. just 120km/h slow would be acceptable for a fine highway.. ok ka? heheheh

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm so exhausted.. Just got back from ganu in the morning and hafta travel drive to Penang in the afternoon.. Letih laa.. Dah la hafta drive alone.. Then it's raining along the way that it took me 5 hours to reach Penang.. Counted accidents along the way and there's been 6 cases.. Bad ain't it?To make things worse, went to check in to the hotel, only to know that the company didn't make a necessary payment, but only gave my boss's credit card details.. Which the answer that I got is 'we can't do that, sir'.. Letih laaaa.. thank god I finally managed to get a room at last, bayar dulu laaa.. and have a good rest at last.... Letih laaaa... Can't wait for the weekend!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Abah's still in the hospital, and I can see that his condition is improving. He is still stuck in 3rd class awaiting for the 1st class room availability . So I hafta head back to kl to work again, but a day in a hospital taking care of him really freaks me out.. There are so many sick people around, some of them are in a critical condition, just waiting got their time to go.. The GH really looks like a battlefield with so little staff, and so many patients.. Late treatment, slow feedback etc..Now I understand why some said that going to GH is like giving up ur life.. But to be fair too, I can see that those staff are doing their best to cater for so many patients, so if u r covered for private hospital, just go there aa the company pays for it, and stop comparing those private hospitals with GH and stop complaining that the nurses are not efficient. memang macam langit dengan bumi! those yang tak mampu will go there for treatment. I can see they are working their ass off to do what they can .. So many critical cases they hafta handle and prioritise.. And not enough staff to handle all these situation .. All the disadvantages they hafta go through to make sure everything is in place.. ehhh.. banyak la pulak mumbling kan.. heheh..
Anyway, just hope abah gets well soon and can get out from there asap..

Monday, May 10, 2010


As I write this entry, I'm on my way back to ganu to visit my abah who's been hospitalized in GH... Just got a call from mak at 8pm informing me about it.. So many things happened lately and this really challenge me who is Still struggling with endless workload.. being new at work and problems keep coming like this, i really need to keep my options open and try to do the best i can.. Just hope that god will always be with me all the way.. And hope that abah will be fine... Insyallah..

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to my beloved MAK, Najlah..
thanx for everything..I'm no good in words to express how much she means to me.. but I believe she know how much I love her.. Also to all moms in the world.. my wish goes to each and every one of you too.. just be a proud mother of your children.. just fill ourselves with all the love and care, and stop all those abusing and buang bayi.. Pesanan khidmat masyarakat oleh niko75..
Issyyhhh... suddenly i feel like all these words macam too cliche pulak ehh? hahahahhaha..