Thursday, May 27, 2010


The journey back to KL should be the most fun one as it's the jalan2 cari makan time.. made a list of 3 places to get good food.. and I hope to strike it all..
First stop.. Air Itam, which is famous for i don;t know what.. heheh! but since my friend recommended the putu mayum here.. I think I should try.. and yeah.. it's worth the stop.. wonderful fluffy putu mayum I ever had..
Next stop.. Muar, famous for its Assam Pedas and Mee Bandung.. Stopped by at the blue mosque with a wonderful architecture.. really nice architeture eh? and later hunt for the good food here started.. I can wait no more since I've been searching around for a good taste of Assam Pedas.. and again she made the right choice of one of the best Assam Pedas in Muor.. cool one.. makan till drop, and tapau some home.. again.. worth the try..
The third one is the ever famous Mee Bandung.. located in front of SM Sains Muar.. really don't remember the name of the seasoned stall, but it's been there like forever, and quite famous among the locals here.. I didn't take any photos of the Mee Rebus, but trust me.. again.. it's worth the stop..
Done with the 3 places, 3 strikes, makes it turkey.. all excellent food.. all worth trying.. like my friend's saying.. always trust the kaki makan's recommendation.. one can never regret.. yeahhh.. I feel you nowwww... heheheheh!

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