Thursday, May 27, 2010


It was ages ago since I last went to Johor, so it's a strange and alien land for me compared to other places in Malaysia.. even I went to Sabah and Sarawak more frequent i guess.. heheh! No offence johoreans.... so, I'd say that the ad hoc appointment to visit the fish cages in Sg Johor is a golden opportunity for me to familiarize myself back to the foreign land of Johor..The place wasn't in Johor Bahru town, instead it's located towards Pasir Gudang and Desaru area.. anyway, we all managed to ride a boat to the middle of nowhere to check out the fish cages..which was really exciting.. check out all the photos shared.. After the visit, drove straight to a very far and boring journey to Desaru, only to find that there's nothing much there.. even the pantai isn't that exciting.. so what made Desaru so famous? I really have no idea.. thank god the hotel room was awesome, so it balanced the frustration that we had over the beach and the entertainment sites here.. takpa laa.. next time will go to Johor Bharu pulak to check out whats good there..Check out the food places I managed to stop on my way back to KL in the next entry..

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