Sunday, May 30, 2010


I managed to spend another day in Teluk Nipah and let me say this outloud.. I'm really upset!! What the hell are these people thinking.. the state government has decided to turn a very natural and beautiful Teluk Nipah beach into a stupid building of food court or something.. What the hell are they thinking? have they lost their mind?Clearly the locals are very upset with the development too.. what more with the tourists who's a frequent there? People go to Teluk Nipah for its panoramic site, relaxing scenery and most important thing, very simple and natural way to enjoy the beach.. but destroying all those with just a concrete development of stupid food court? Not worth it.. Eating out is only one option for people there, but the most important thing for me are to keep people happy at the beach and to keep the original beauty of the beach.. not ruin it with a stupid development simply to gain profit from the area.. so unwise..It's good that they try to bring development to the area.. but do it somewhere else, on the land site for example.. but not at the side of the beach where people used to sit and relax, mandi laut and stuff.. again.. stupid move.. unwise decision!Gosh.. there goes my lovely Teluk Nipah.. I will miss the original place truly..

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