Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Another round of potluck gathering with the gang.. and at the same time, they bought me a cake to celebrate my birthday.. hehehe! Thanks guys.. really appreciate it.. Anyway.. siap ada nama Anuar Zain tu yg tak tahan tuuu... hahhahahah! mampus AZ saman guna nama dia..
Now that I'm a year older, and hopefully a year wiser, I really need to revisit and restrategize balik the priorities in life.. kawin pun belum.. settle down betul2 pun kira belum lagi..
terlampau byk lg needs and plans in hand to fulfill with, nak dekatkan diri lg dgn Allah and try to fill myself in as a good human being and a good muslim... dah jauh perjalanan nii.. tapi masih serba kekurangan.. insyallah sedikit demi sedikit nak upgrade jadi yang labih baik dari dulu.. dan lebih matang suitable dgn my age..
Readers.. doakan for me ye.. terima kasihhhhhh...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I heard about this pavlova thingy for quite a while already.. especially among ladies, this pavlova has been a talk around town lately.. but not until last nite that I watched 'The Kitchen Rules' on 702, I just got to know that there's been disputes on the claim over the origin of pavlova between Australia and New Zealand.. much like the claim over sate between Msia and Indon.. and that is where it stucked me that I must try this thingy.. heheh

Went to Midvalley to check the cafe that serves pavlova.. and only one cafe have it, Delicious cafe.. apa lagi.. order satu and share je la.. not that woww sgt laa.. looks very tempting.. but bila makan.. it's not as good as it looks.. well.. at least I know how it tastes.. kurengggg!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Masih lagi about sotong.. heheh.. this time we went to Seberang Takir.. Pantai Teluk Ketapang to be exact to get ourselves semua benda yang goreng tepung.. sotong especially.. yehaaa!

We took the 4 ikan kembong, 3 plates of sotong and a plate of udang.. with the mee and sausage for the kids.. yummy2.. walaupun tak dapat banyak sotong time mencandat.. tapi still nak kena pekena the sotong goreng tepung here.. tak ingat nama kedai dia.. but all in all.. quite cheap laa.. semua cuma 40 bucks je dengan ayaq..

nampak gayanya every trip back to ganu memang akan buntal bila balik kl.. dah la everyday makan nasi dagang for breakfast.. plus melantak macam gila lagi here and there..  buntal.. memang buntall... adoiii!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Another activity managed by the club.. and this time nak pegi mencandat sotong in Ganu.. We all gathered kat LKIM Cendering.. all 13 of us.. and after the photo session and all.. bertolak la ke tengah laut nak candat sotong.. the boat is quite big to accomodate 15 of us.. and the candat place is about an hour away from the port..

Sampai2 je kat tengah laut.. dah ramai yang flat  pasal mabuk laut.. with the ombak quite besar jugak made the boat goyang tahap gaban punya.. semua orang kena telan ubat mabuk laut.. and apparently not all tahan.. and by dawn.. about 6 of us dah tergolek tido depan boat.. hahahha
Candat sotong seems to be quite hard shit jugak.. I only managed to get only satu saja sotong.. yang colour merah tu... hahahah! and the rest ada la sorang sikit.. only dalam 20 ekor je yg dapat.. by dinner time.. more people tergolek dork.. and at last tinggal the 2 last men standing.. all including me dah tergolek mabuk laut.. giler lahhh..
By 2am.. we all decided to go back as dah tk ada sotong yg dpt pun.. and all 11 of us dah tergolek.. and managed to reach the port by 3am.. nasib baik awal since it started raining heavily by 5am.. kalu tak mmg habis la kena pukul ribut our boat..
Being in the middle of the sea at night dengan gelap kelilingnya.. mmg eery giler.. but the experience gained from there... priceless!