Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Replacement Laptop and the new Dopod

Remember about my old laptop that's constantly giving me problems? The screen problems with lines that keeps building up one after another.. and another incident of HDD crash.. really makes me pissed off already.. Anyway, it's been 3 years since I had the laptop and it doesn't really give me any problems until lately.. May be it's time to change I believe..
Well.. today is the last day I'm using that laptop as the company allow me to change to another lighter and more handy laptop.. It's Dell.. silver in color.. and smaller than the old IBM laptop I was carrying before. The transferring of files took me a few hours already.. so difficult.. but at last I managed to finish it up.. and now the new episodes of my Dell starts today.. with the new owner.. ME!
Somehow it was a twin happiness for me as I got myself a used Dopod for my usage too.. It's the old version, but still usable and the best thing about it is the usage.. and the camera is much clearer. I just like the new feature of the phone.. and I'm looking forward for the new Dopod to serve me in the future!

The Farewell Lunch

One of my colleague is leaving us for a better career in one of the big conglomerates in KL. So, in honour of him, we went out for our lunch for the last time together. The place is a very nice restaurant in Sunway Pyramid called Jack's Place. This place offers lots of varieties of Western Food selection.. Nothing much special here.. except that they have a set lunch, which is changed on daily basis. The offer is quite good.. RM15 for the selected selections of food complete with main course, soup of the day, dessert and tea/ coffee. Let's check out what we ordered..
Chicken and Spinach Soup with Garlic Bread.. Steak with Mushroom and Tomato SauceLamb Chop and Chicken Combo I beleive Datin Sri also had the entry about this makan2 outing.. aren't u Puan Sri?Well. although the food is is not that good, we still had a really fun time chatting and making fun of Afizi, who's gonna leave us soon..
We later went to JCo Donuts to get 2 dozens of the doughnuts for the rest of us at the office.. This is the first time I managed to buy those wide varieties of doughnuts.. with amazing colorful choices of different glaze on top of the doughnuts.. And true enough.. the rest of the colleagues at the office were jumping when they see those JCo doughnuts.. hahaha! A final treat from Afizi.. leaving us with style.. heheheh!
Anyway.. Farewell and good luck to you Afizi.. and may you have a good journey and career ahead..

Monday, April 28, 2008

Team Building Day3

Last day of the Team Building.. nothing much happening in the morning.. except that we had such a wonderful breakfast.. and later met at the Go-Kart place for a ride.. Everybody's trying for the Go-Kart ride!!.. and we need to sit down in a group to discuss on our SWOT Analysis for the company before we get into the bus back to KL.. It was such a wonderful experience for me.. and it was sad to say goodbye to the place.. Although there are hiccups here and there on the programs.. I still think it was a successful one for a start.. Looking forward for another round of Team Building.. and even Family Day.. soon!

Makan2 @ Seafood Stall

The place is behind KL Plaza of Bukit Bintang. The occasion.. makan2 with friends. It has been quite a while since we had the last makan2 at this place. We used to be a regular here, until the seafood stall nyonya also recognized us already..Anyway.. let's just go straight to the menu.. and what we had just now..The ever famous sweet and sour crabsButtered PrawnBlack Pepper curry 'Siput Sedut'(snail)Fried Pucuk Keledek with BelacanFried WantanFried Rice for 2Kuey Teow for 2It's really a fun time wallap(ing) all those food whilst chatting with each other. We eat religiously and managed to finish the food within half an hour.. Nice one eh! One should visit to taste this delicious food..

Team Building Day2

The 2nd day started quite early as we need to go for breakfast at 7.30am and later gather around for a morning activities at 9am.. I hafta say Bravo and give my thumbs up for the food served so far as its was a marvelous food we had...9am.. the team gathered for the rafting session.. we hafta take a short walk to the shore where the activities began.. What do we hafta do? Build a raft from bamboo, take the built raft to the flag in the middle of the sea, come back to the shore and tear it off to the original.. and later sail it to the sea to get the flag.. which is far, far away.. crazy!It's so exhausting and challenging mentally and physically.. but it was fun!
Afternoon session.. after lunch.. Indoor session.. with games and all.. the talks and presentation from a not-so-interesting speaker.. he could have done better.. plus all of us were dead-tired from the morning activity..
and later the outdoor management games.. every single session had its own objectives and lessons to learn.. and for fun, later we gathered at the volleyball court for a friendly match..Enough with all the activities.. we had a nice so called BBQ dinner at nite.. nice one with spaggetis and a few other stuff.. mingle around a while before we adjourned for free activities..Me and a few other friends decided to go to the pub and relax over the live-band.. The singer is really sporting.. with a very powerful voice.. and sexy too.. hahahah! Go back to sleep Mr Invisisble!!

Team Building Day1

Friday, the first day of the team building.. I took the bus provided by the company with the rest of the colleagues.. The journey took us about 2 boring hours.. and at last we arrived at the said place..The place is called Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson.. such a wonderful place with so many facilities and games offered to the visitors.. from go cart, archery, flying fox, paint ball, volley ball court, swimming pool, pub, games arcade.. you name it.. they have it! The morning session was full of talks and presentation on company directions, visions and missions.. which went on for almost 2 hours.. all the hungry stomachs seemed not to concentrate on the talk, but rather looking forward for the lunch buffet provided in the hall. heheeh!We were given the room after lunch, which is situated at the Band Wagon station.. the room is really impressive.. with all wooden interior with the attic.. I'm impressed with the set-up.. the interior and exterior is really superb!
The afternoon session was conducted at 3pm.. the ice breaking session.. it's good to see the management joined us for the activities conducted. We were divided in to a few groups.. and later ready for the Treasure Hunt challenge.. questions are quite straight forward.. and we just need to find the clues and things needed for the treasure hunt.. We finished first with the time clocked at 17 minutes.. quite a good time, eh? My broken arm is not heeled completely yet, so I hafta be really careful not to fall down and stuff..
The Telematch session was next.. with the same group participated in the games.. finding sweets in the flour, sack run, hoola hup etc..
we only managed to win one game out of the 6 games we needed to finish.. heheh! Winning isn't a priority anymore.. just wanna have fun and interesting times laughing at each other.. heheheh!Nothing much happening at nite, except for the Night Walk, where we hafta walk in the dark across the so called forest.. So exhausted from the evening session.. so I called it a nite quite early tonite..