Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Farewell Lunch

One of my colleague is leaving us for a better career in one of the big conglomerates in KL. So, in honour of him, we went out for our lunch for the last time together. The place is a very nice restaurant in Sunway Pyramid called Jack's Place. This place offers lots of varieties of Western Food selection.. Nothing much special here.. except that they have a set lunch, which is changed on daily basis. The offer is quite good.. RM15 for the selected selections of food complete with main course, soup of the day, dessert and tea/ coffee. Let's check out what we ordered..
Chicken and Spinach Soup with Garlic Bread.. Steak with Mushroom and Tomato SauceLamb Chop and Chicken Combo I beleive Datin Sri also had the entry about this makan2 outing.. aren't u Puan Sri?Well. although the food is is not that good, we still had a really fun time chatting and making fun of Afizi, who's gonna leave us soon..
We later went to JCo Donuts to get 2 dozens of the doughnuts for the rest of us at the office.. This is the first time I managed to buy those wide varieties of doughnuts.. with amazing colorful choices of different glaze on top of the doughnuts.. And true enough.. the rest of the colleagues at the office were jumping when they see those JCo doughnuts.. hahaha! A final treat from Afizi.. leaving us with style.. heheheh!
Anyway.. Farewell and good luck to you Afizi.. and may you have a good journey and career ahead..

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