Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lepak2 @ Chop & Steak Restaurant.

From Tasik Permaisuri, we are suppose to meet another friend in Serdang for late drinks and light talks.. and the location is Chop & Steak Restaurant in Sri Serdang area near to UPM. It's quite new in the area but ceratinly making a good impression amongst the community.. The place is rather cozy..creating a very nice and unique ambience of the restaurant. The big mug for the drinks.. simply worth the price paid.. RM2 for the Ice Tea and RM2.50 for a big mug of Neslo (Nescafe + Milo).. really nice! The interior sets the uniqueness of the place.. The sink with a telephone booth.. simply interesting.. and the antique vespa.. I will hafta visit this place again for dinner soon..

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