Monday, April 7, 2008

Kuala Gula Sanctuary Bird Park

Anyone familiar with Kuala Gula? I need to check out how to go to the ever famous Kuala Gula Bird Park. Apparently this is not the season for birds' migration, so the place is kinda empty. According to the source, the bird's season will be from August til April every year.. so i'm kinda miss the excitement already as those birds have already flew home or elsewhere..So, I won't be a story teller for this entry.. just sharing the photos taken at the Kula Gula jetty.. Since the place is closed for tourists and visitors, just checking out the scenery of the mangroves from the restaurant here.. still nice view I can say! We also managed to visit the small chinese village to buy dried shrimp for cooking. Apparently this is one of the place you can get those dried shrimp and other seafood products at a very cheap price.. Checkout the dried shrimp under the hot sun.. ..and the one packed in packet already.. Nothing much here.. One must come at the right time to check out the birds.. in my case.. too bad.. I miss it already..

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