Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another views of faboulous KLCC

I can't wait to share this marvelous views of KLCC with all..
It's just so beautiful.. taken from the top of Darby Park, the condo nearby KLCC area.. Checkout the background buildings as well..The garden is also built marvelously to compliment the KLCC view.. How I wish I have a unit of the condo nearby KLCC so I can have this views everyday.. Hahahah! Yeah right! In my dreams baby!!!


Rizal Rizal said...

Nice pics of KLCC view...thanks bro. Oh! I miss KL

NIKO75 said...

Hey.. thank for visiting.. It seems that ur not in KL.. or not even in Malaysia eh?

Rizal Rizal said...

hi Niko!

I like your colourful entries. They are natural. It has been a week from your last entry huh...keep on writing man!. Am currently base in Sydney.