Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The New Cabin

It's been a while since the talks about moving up to the little cabin as the new office site for the project I'm involved in.. the current office that we are in is very small and crowded, and it won't be able to accommodate more people that will be joining the project soon.. and yesterday, we finally moved to this funny little cabin next to the main building.. It's quite a joke as the cabin is located next to a huge parking lot, but we can't park there due to the gate which is locked all the time.. and opened during certain hours only.. SO we still need to park at the very far parking lot and walk down to this place.. good thing I need to have a morning walk.. so it's a good exercise eh? Anyway, I just got to know that the parking lot is for the factory workers.. and they are not to enter the admin building as they wish.. so that's why the gate is locked and only opened at certain hours for people to pass by..
Anyway, the new place is quite spacious with more people can fit in at one time.. just the aircond isn't that cold here.. and I'm sure there will be complaints about it as soon as more people comes in by the end of the month..
I'll put the photos of the place as soon as I snap it.. Just hope that we can work better and be more efficient in the new office..

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Anonymous said...

No, you're so wrong on the air conditioning. Its actually very cold in here especially in the afternoon. Come on over at 1.00pm, you will feel its the coldest moment ever :) hahaha -WAWA