Thursday, April 10, 2008

Makan2 @ Taiping Area

While I was in Taiping the day my granny was sick.. I managed to get the taste of some very famous local delicacies. Don';t get me wrong.. those are for my lunch and to bring back to my parents who took care of my granny. Wanna know some of the places I managed to go for food?
The very famous Doli Kuey Teow Quite a few varieties of dishes to choose.. Ordered Kuey Teow special..guess how much is it? RM8 per plate.. crazyyyy! Not worth the price I pay.. So check out the price first before you wanna eat.. After that, we went to the food complex located under Larut Matang Supermarket.. quite a few stalls offered varieties of food.. The place exists since my childhood time already, you can never go wrong with the food served here.. very2 nice and tasty.. Another famous Popiah Basah.. only in Taiping!The Pasembor.. very nice!Guess what's in the gravy? It's Cow's Brain, cooked with the yellow gravy.. not many people have the guts to eat it.. and it's quite difficult to find it in any restaurants, but the stall in Taiping always serve it to be eaten with the rice for lunch.. depends la who can eat it.. I tried a bite.. and definitely love it.. heheh!

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