Monday, April 28, 2008

Team Building Day1

Friday, the first day of the team building.. I took the bus provided by the company with the rest of the colleagues.. The journey took us about 2 boring hours.. and at last we arrived at the said place..The place is called Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson.. such a wonderful place with so many facilities and games offered to the visitors.. from go cart, archery, flying fox, paint ball, volley ball court, swimming pool, pub, games arcade.. you name it.. they have it! The morning session was full of talks and presentation on company directions, visions and missions.. which went on for almost 2 hours.. all the hungry stomachs seemed not to concentrate on the talk, but rather looking forward for the lunch buffet provided in the hall. heheeh!We were given the room after lunch, which is situated at the Band Wagon station.. the room is really impressive.. with all wooden interior with the attic.. I'm impressed with the set-up.. the interior and exterior is really superb!
The afternoon session was conducted at 3pm.. the ice breaking session.. it's good to see the management joined us for the activities conducted. We were divided in to a few groups.. and later ready for the Treasure Hunt challenge.. questions are quite straight forward.. and we just need to find the clues and things needed for the treasure hunt.. We finished first with the time clocked at 17 minutes.. quite a good time, eh? My broken arm is not heeled completely yet, so I hafta be really careful not to fall down and stuff..
The Telematch session was next.. with the same group participated in the games.. finding sweets in the flour, sack run, hoola hup etc..
we only managed to win one game out of the 6 games we needed to finish.. heheh! Winning isn't a priority anymore.. just wanna have fun and interesting times laughing at each other.. heheheh!Nothing much happening at nite, except for the Night Walk, where we hafta walk in the dark across the so called forest.. So exhausted from the evening session.. so I called it a nite quite early tonite..

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