Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The New Perdana Replacement

Got an email from a friend giving me photos of what believed to be the new replacement model of our current Proton Perdana.. I don't know how true this is gonna be.. but looking at the background of the photos taken.. I'm sure this can be the trusted source.. U can see Gen-2 and Juara at the back.. So uncle2 type of car, eh? but then, looking at the target market, Perdana should be for government official use and for those middle age, middle class people who wants to use the luxury car at lower price.. so the shape fits the target market I assume..Just wanna wait and see on how low the price they can offer to the customer when it launches.. heheh!

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Anonymous from the previous post said...

Congratulations mr.

I still admire your blog.It is written so well! i love reading it.