Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Well Soon Granny!

My granny is getting better now.. That makes me feel so relief .. I can say she's the love of my life.. I grew up with her.. and yess.. I'm my granny's golden boy.. always and forever! and I've been so close to her since I was a small little kid.
Remember a few previous entries where I talked about the last visit at my granny's and visited places like Kuala Gula and Ban Pecah.. and I got the news about her fell down in the restroom the day after.. and it really shocked me..
So the thought of her being sick and stuff really disturbed me.. until I can see her well and kicking.. then I can stay put and proceed with my life. I hafta go back to KL as I've been on leave for 2 days already.. and I'm sure my team lead won;t be very happy with me as I've been absent from work for quite a while.. in the middle of the running project..First I hafta check out my aunt's car, which has some tyre problems.. the tyre went flat and we hafta check what's happening.. It turned out it's the tube that gave us problems and we had those fixed.. and back to KL to report for work again.

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