Monday, April 7, 2008

Nice view of Selat Melaka

From the goat farm, we went to the closest so called beach nearby, in Ban Pecah.. still nearby Kuala Kurau. Never did I know my whole years spent in my granny's kampung that the nice beach is just nearby. Some said the place is a fishing heaven.. So I still need to check out the place..It's quite tricky to reach here as I need to pass thru the narrow path and kampung houses and paddy fields in order to recah the place.. but once ur here.. it's so nice and refreshing..Somehow this is the heaven's place for fishing.. and true enough, some guy got himself a small shark while fishing.. cool!
It's nice though to feel the breezing air of the Malacca straits..and I will definitely come back for fishing the next time I drop by.

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